Scope of the Journal

Scope of the Journal


The Journal on African-centred Solutions in peace and security (AfSol) is an initiative of the Institute for Peace and Security Studies, Addis Ababa University. The Journal is an inter-disciplinary African studies Journal focusing broadly on the fields of peace and security in Africa. It will cover the interface between ‘academia and practice’ and ‘theory and policy’. Global security and governance issues with implications to managing peace and security in Africa are welcome at the Journal. The Journal will publish articles from these broad fields of study with contributions in at least one of the following directions:

  • Original empirical data collected and presented through acceptable scientific methods
  • Using already existing data and theorising them uniquely or advancing already existing theories
  • Discusses practical cases in one of the following analytical dimensions:
    • African ownership and commitment
    • Leadership
    • African shared values
  • Narrate and analyse undocumented events or practices with acceptable academic standard
  • Unless it is especially relevant to the present or is a critical account of a missing piece of history purely historical, biographic and/or autographic narratives are not published by this Journal.

The Journal would particularly like to publish synthesis and thick analysis of unique African elements of social, cultural and political factors influencing peace and state building in Africa. It ultimately aims to gather crosscutting themes that would inform policy-makers, civil society and academicians, and advance the promotion of effective interventions across Africa. Unless explicitly specified in the call for papers of a specific edition, articles within this scope are considered for review.

  1. Periodicity: AfSol Journal will be published three times a year; March, July, and November. The edition in July will be dedicated to articles from graduating PhD candidates from African Universities. AfSol Journal may publish special editions if deemed necessary by the editorial committee.
  2. Distribution: AfSol Journal will be produced and distributed in printed (hard) copies and electronic copies in accordance to the Open Access Policy of the Journal.
  3. Language: AfSol Journal will be published in English. However, works written in French might also be published. Although the AfSol Journal will conduct its own language editing after acceptance, articles, whether in French or English, should be clear and understandable upon submission.
  • Pursuit of excellence, the IPSS strives to attain the highest levels of excellence in all its publications
  • Innovation, creativity, evidence-based, and action-oriented
  • Pan-Africanism, diversity, integrity, and inclusion
  • Commitment to delivery and social transformation