Policy Periodicals

Policy Periodicals

IPSS has two types of policy periodicals, the IPSS Policy Analysis and the IPSS Policy Brief. These policy papers aim to help policymakers and practitioners make well-versed decisions, in addition to providing comprehensive policy options in the area of peace, security and governance.

1. IPSS Policy Analysis Papers

Policy Analysis Papers, published three times a year, strive to serve as a bridge between the theory and the practice of peace and security. They provide rigorous analysis and practical recommendations on topics pertinent to IPSS’s research goals and objectives, and of significance to the continent. The papers are also intended to inform policymakers, academia and practitioners in the area of peace, security and governance in Africa. The IPSS Policy Analysis Papers are written by contracted resident fellows, non-resident fellows, senior academic senior researchers based at IPSS, and senior practitioners in the area of peace and security.

2. IPSS Policy Briefs

The four to six page IPSS Policy Brief is published in six volumes per year with the aim to provide succinct policy recommendations on topical and relevant issues related to African peace, security and governance. The IPSS Policy Briefs also serve as a link between theory and practice in the area of peace and security. They are written by senior academics, IPSS researchers, and senior practitioners and researchers affiliated with IPSS. The IPSS Policy Brief is also a platform for PhD candidates and MA students at the Institute to publish their take on African peace and security policy issues.

If you are interested in publishing a Policy Analysis Paper or a Policy Brief with IPSS, please send us an abstract of no more than 400 words to: comms@ipss-addis.org

Please find linked the guidelines for writing a policy brief for IPSS: PDF