Academic and Applied Research


Programmatic Focus

IPSS provides recognized academic education and professional training in conflict analysis, prevention, management and resolution. It also conducts academic and applied research in the area of peace and security that takes into account the interaction between governance, human security, socio-economic development and sustainable peace. Furthermore, its outreach programme promotes the nature and application of African-led solutions in conflict prevention, management, and post-conflict reconstruction and development.

Prevention: CEWS, Panel of the Wise, country assessment and mapping/profile

Management: Mediation, PSOs, PSC, legal framework, partnerships, and capacity building

Post-conflict: Needs assessment, support to the African Solidarity Initiative, infrastructure for peace projects, and capacity building

Thematic issues:

  • Identified regional conflict clusters
  • Cross cutting issues: capacity building and gender
  • Nexus between governance and security
  • Climate change and pastoralism
  • IMM Migration
  • Borders
  • Violent extremism and de-radicalization