5 June, 2023
  1. Background  

The UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), in partnership with the African Research Universities Alliance  (ARUA), has provided financial support for the implementation of a capacity-building project. The  project is implemented in collaboration with Haramaya University, Obafemi Awolowo Universtiy,  Protestant University of Central Africa, University of Hargeisa, Africa University and Addis Ababa  University.

  1. Objectives  

The objective of the project is to develop the research capacity of the collaborating universities,  especially in the area of peace and security studies. This is mainly achieved by providing technical and  financial support to Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers. The project has, accordingly, unveiled  a grant to support the data collection efforts of researchers of Addis Ababa University who are pursuing  a Ph.D. degree or postdoctoral research. The general objective of the research should be geared  towards understanding blockages to peace and specifically focus on:

  1. Understanding why effective accountable and inclusive institutions have not been built in conflict affected or post-conflict societies;
  2. The dynamics of blockages to peace construction with a primary focus on factors, actors, internal and  external dynamics, including the reasons for not implementing peace deals;
  3. Factors that hinder peace at local, national and regional (the Horn of Africa) levels.
  1. Requirements

An applicant should be an early-stage researcher of Addis Ababa University pursuing a Ph.D. degree  or postdoctoral research in any given discipline of the Social Sciences.

  1. How to Apply 

An application should include:

  1. Copy of valid staff or student identification card and current registration slip;  B. Letter of intent;
  2. Letter of recommendation by Advisor or Dean;
  3. Proposal containing title, abstract, introduction, background, literature review, research design and  methodology, preliminary implications, conclusion and references.

The application should be emailed to before Monday 19th June 2023.