Yonas Adaye Adeto, PhD

Associate Professor of Peace Studies

Director, Institute for Peace and Security Studies Addis Ababa University

Yonas Adaye Adeto (Ph.D.) is the Director of the Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS) of Addis Ababa University since July 2019. He earned his Ph.D. in Peace Studies from the University of Bradford, UK, Postgraduate Diploma (With Merit) in Research Methods for the Social Sciences, and Postgraduate Diploma in Security Sector Reform. He pursued his BA (With Distinction) in English Literature and Linguistics from Addis Ababa University, his first MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and his second MA in International Relations from Addis Ababa University, Certificate, Trainer (Teacher) Development, College of St. Mark and St. John, Exeter, UK and Cambridge CELTA (British Council/the University of Cambridge).

Yonas A. Adeto (Ph.D.) is a supervisor of four local and one international (Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia – Leipzig University, Germany, joint programme) Ph.D. students in the broad area of Peace and Security as well as Global and Area Studies. Yonas A. Adeto supervised over 50 local and 5 international MA students for the past 13 years in the broad areas of Global, Peace, and Security Studies, Trained Diplomats since 2001 collaborating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Keynote speaker/Panelist, on the Theme: “Global Solidarity Against All Forms of Systematic Discrimination, Exclusion and Phobia, Training, Managing Peace and Security in Africa in collaboration with the African Union and GIZ since 2010”, Contributed to the Media (Addis TV, BBC Focus on Africa, CGTN, DW, EBC, ENA, OBN, WALTA, Ethiopian Herald (public) and Maleda (private) newspapers) since 2015, Think Tank for Peace (Member, Ethiopian Ministry of Peace since 2018), Foreign Policy Review Team (Member, Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2018), Council on Foreign Relations (Member, Minister of Foreign Affairs, since July 2019).

Recent publications:
  • Yonas, Adaye (2020) Ethnic Extremism in Ethiopia: Implications for Stability of the Horn of Africa in African Journal on Conflict Resolution.ACCORD, South Africavol. 21 no.2
  • Yonas Adaye (2019)Peacebuilding through peace education in the Horn of Africa: Transformative Cosmopolitan Perspective in Omeje, F (ed.) in Peacebuilding in Contemporary Africa: In search of Alternative Strategies.London: Rutledge (Peer Reviewed andBook Chapter)
  • Yonas, Adaye (2019)State Fragility and Conflict Dynamics in the Horn of Africa in Journal on Conflict Resolution in Africa(ACCORD) vol.19 No.1 pp. 11 –37.
  • Yonas, Adaye (2019)Preventing Violent Extremism in the Horn of Africa: The Case of Ethnic Extremism in Ethiopia (policy paper), European Institute of Peace (EIP).
  • Yonas, Adaye (2018)Africa in Global Security Governance: A Critical Analysis of Ethiopia’s Role in the UN Peacekeeping Operations. Journal of International Relations and Diplomacy, New York. (Peer Reviewed International Journal) Vol. 6 No. 7, pp. 369 –380.
  • Yonas, Adaye and Ezra Abate (2014)Large Scale Agricultural Land Acquisition and Violent Conflict in Gambella (Peer reviewed book chapter)Addis Ababa University.