MA and PhD in Global Studies

Joint MA & PhD in Global Studies

Programme Profile

Global Studies is a multidisciplinary approach which aims to contribute to globalisation research by critically challenging existing narratives and orthodoxies about globalisation. As a reaction to both the experience of globalisation and the conviction that nation-states are the most efficient social frame for getting connected and securing sovereignty, Global Studies seek to systematically pose a challenge to methodological nationalism, which ignores largely trans-national aspects of interactions and comparisons. In addition to contributing to the ongoing analytical and intellectual debate on globalisation, Global Studies lends practical relevance by offering a unique vantage point which helps in critically examining contemporary global challenges transcending national boundaries.

In this regard, the programmes in “Global Studies” with a special emphasis on peace and security in Africa pay particular attention to the continent’s specific contemporary security challenges. The programmes integrate the subject of peace and security in Africa within the broader context of comparative analyses of global entanglements both historically and contemporarily. Delivered at IPSS and in Leipzig, Germany, the programmes offer a unique approach by expanding the theoretical and methodological foundations of peace and security and embedding them into the debate on global actors and strategies, new regionalisms, and the changing position nation-states have within the emerging world order.

We launched the MA and PhD programmes in 2012 and have since then accompained the first cohort of students successfully through three years of education. The first cohort graduated in February 2015, receiving their degrees  from the mayors of Addis Ababa and Leipzig. The second cohort graduated in July 2016.

The joint programmes between IPSS and the University of Leipzig are attracting increasingly international attention. The  programmes have so far enrolled 105 students from 24 different countries, including students hosted by IPSS under its ‘Welcome to Africa’ exchange programme.

The fifth cohort of our joint programmes has admitted 17 MA students from 10 different countries. We aim to create an academic environment of international togetherness in which learning, teaching, debating, and writing are part of a shared experience helping each other to gain the broader skills that graduates need especially in humanities in this age of globalisation. The interest in IPSS in particular and Addis Ababa University in general from students abroad shows how the university has raised its profile not only in the East African region, but also globally.


Brochure for Joint MA programme

Brochure for Joint PhD programme

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

a) How much are the tuition fees per study year for each programme?

Tuition fees per study year are €3,600 for the MA programme and €5,000 for the PhD programme.

b) Do I qualify for the MA programme with a previous degree (e.g. BA) outside the field of social sciences and humanities?

You are welcome to apply for the MA programme even if you earned your BA (or equivalent) outside the field of social sciences and humanities (e.g. natural science, IT). The decision of admission will depend on your overall application and not purely on your previous studies. However, having previously studied subjects in an academic field outside social sciences and humanities may pose certain challenges when starting the MA programme: the style of studying may differ from your previous studies and you may lack certain specialised knowledge that comes with studying academic disciplines around social sciences and humanities. If admitted to the study programme – and if necessary – we advise you to be prepared to study intensively in order to ‘catch up’.

c) Are scholarships available?

The joint programme was selected by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in 2015 to receive scholarships in 2016. Two funding lines were approved. The first is called “Germany Scholarships” and supports two MA students and one PhD student to co-finance their term abroad in Leipzig. The second funding line, called “Sur-Place Scholarships”, supports students during their time in Addis Ababa, reducing the overall tuition for one term. Within this line of funding, 13 students were supported this year. Over the course of four years, the DAAD has been the single biggest donor to the programme. Scholarships are awarded based on academic performance and have helped the most talented and diligent students to focus on their studies and finish with excellent and very good results



How to Apply

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