MOU Signing between IPSS and Good Governance Africa- Eastern Africa

26 April, 2024

The Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS) and Good Governance Africa- Eastern Africa (GGA- EA) are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at fostering collaboration to advance peace and good governance across the African continent. This agreement builds upon the foundation laid by previous collaboration with GGA-Southern Africa.

The partnership between IPSS and GGA-EA underscores shared commitment to promoting peace, security, and democratic governance in Africa. Through this MOU, both organizations reaffirm their dedication to facilitating dialogue, conducting research, and developing policies that address the multifaceted challenges facing the continent, including conflict prevention, peacebuilding, and sustainable development.

By leveraging their respective expertise, resources, and networks, IPSS and GGA-EA seek to amplify their impact and effectiveness in tackling complex security issues and promoting inclusive governance systems. This partnership emphasizes the importance of collective action and cooperation in achieving meaningful progress towards lasting peace and prosperity in Africa.

The signing of this MOU signifies a milestone in the ongoing collaboration between IPSS and GGA-EA, highlighting their shared vision and commitment to making a positive difference in Africa. Both organizations are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are confident that their partnership will contribute to shaping a more peaceful and prosperous future for the continent.