IPSS Trains Dialogue Facilitators

28 January, 2023

IPSS (27 January 2023): The Institute for Peace and Security Studies trains some 39 trainers to support dialogue practises.

The TOT capstone aimed to culminate the development and delivery of the TOT curriculum for the ETH075 dialogue facilitation clinic, which began in September 2022.

At today’s closing ceremony held in Addis Ababa, IPSS Interim Director Dr. Fana stated that dialogue is the solution to all problems.

He noted that IPSS, as a research and education institute, lays the foundation for a dialogue culture.

The guest from the Ministry of Peace praised IPSS for its contribution to peacebuilding and for providing peace and security professionals.

The training coordinator, Dr. Yonas, discussed the curriculum development process, participant selection, and TOT delivery.

According to Dr. Yonas, the curriculum’s content includes both practical experiences and research findings in order to successfully train dialogue facilitators.

Trainers from various universities and other organisations expressed gratitude to IPSS for organising such training and pledged to carry out their duties upon their return.

During the closing session, IPSS provides certification to the trainees.

USAID and other partners provided financial support for the ETH075 DFC Capstone Event.