Call for Applications: Invitation to Apply for Research Grant

18 June, 2021

The UK Research and Innovation in partnership with the African Research Universities Alliance have provided financial support for implementing a capacity-building project. The project is implemented in collaboration with Haramaya University, University of Obafemi Awolowo Ile-Ife, Protestant University of Central Africa, University of Hargeisa, Africa University, and Addis Ababa University. The project aims to develop research capacity in all collaborating universities by supporting Ph.D. students and post-doc peace researchers in their research projects. The project will provide financial support and training that will help researchers to improve their research capacities, create opportunities and platforms for researchers to expand their researches and network through workshops aimed at strengthening skills and knowledge, which enables them to disseminate research findings to continental and international audiences. The project has unveiled an attractive research grant to early researchers of Addis Ababa University who are pursuing a Ph.D. degree and Post-doc research. The general aim of the research should be geared towards understanding blockages to peace and should specifically focus on understanding why effective accountable and inclusive

institutions have not been built in conflict-affected or post-conflict societies; The dynamics of blockages to peace construction focusing primarily on factors, actors, internal and external dynamics including the reasons for not implementing peace deals; Factors that hinder peace at the local, national and regional levels. To find out the requirements and how to apply: click here