Wesley Merritt

My experience in Addis Ababa and at IPSS has been enriching for a variety of reasons. In terms of the academic environment, this can be attributed largely to the friendly and knowledgeable teaching staff, but also to the diverse, multi-national student body. Since the students are from many different countries and academic backgrounds, the discussions

Feben Makonnen

My name is Feben Makonnen; I am a former student of IPSS (AAU), enrolled in the joint MA programme, ’Global studies with a special emphasis on peace and security in Africa’. I had done my LLB in Law from AAU, Law School which lasted 5 years. It was immediately right after I graduated that I

Class of 2016, Joint MA in Global Studies

First successful Joint PhD programme dissertation defenses

On the 27th of June 2016, the first joint PhD programme of  “Global and Area Studies with a special Emphasis on Peace and Security in Africa” took place in the Centre for Area Studies. Four Ph.D. students from Addis Ababa presented and defended their dissertations successfully.
Following the successful public dissertation defense, the students

Ethiopian Easter in Leipzig by Rahwa Gebreyohannes Teklu

As it is known Ethiopian Easter is celebrated on May 1. As well, the people use the holiday as a motive for a family gathering. Thus, people from different places gather around and celebrate the holiday with pleasure. Likewise, people wear traditional clothes, then special foods and drinks would be prepared for the holiday. Nevertheless,

Summer Term 2016 started in Leipzig

The M.A. Global Studies: Peace and Security in Africa welcomed 12 students in Leipzig. With regard to the study program, the students and PH.D. students spent the summer term in Leipzig and accomplished compulsory and mandatory courses. Besides the organization of bureaucratic requirements which filled up the schedule of the first week, the students were

PhD Student Fana wins Young African Scholar Award

Fana Gebresenbet, PhD student of the first cohort and currently submitting his dissertation to the joint PhD examination committee in Addis and Leipzig won the Young African Scholar award which was advertised by the Center of Africa Studies at the University of the Free State (in South Africa) and the Africa Spectrum Journal. The award

Summer Term 2015 in Leipzig

Germany has been quite interesting for me from the day I arrived. Leipzig being the first foreign city I have come to visit different aspects of it have put me into a new social setting. The structure of which has so far been fascinating. The day I arrived in Frankfurt I was confronted with very

Wudassie Ayele Asfaw, MA Student

Ben Greenly, MA in Global Studies

About the School The Institute for Peace and Security Studies at Addis Ababa University has been an incredible and insightful experience in which I am very proud to be a part of. The staff is not only extremely friendly and warm, but very knowledgeable in tremendously diverse areas of expertise in theories and practice as

Manon Moller, MA in Global Studies

My first semester in the Master’s programme in Global Studies that I spent in Ethiopia has been a wonderful experience. Living in Addis Ababa and encountering Ethiopian culture was a great and eye-opening adventure: We got to go on trips around the country, spend time with locals and even visit the African Union Headquarters. In

Wudassie Ayele Asfaw, MA in Global Studies

Germany has been quite interesting for me from the day I arrived. Leipzig being the first foreign city I have come to visit different aspects of it have put me into a new social setting. The structure of which has so far been fascinating. The day I arrived in Frankfurt I was confronted with very

IPSS, Leipzig University graduate twelve in pioneer Global Studies programme

The graduation ceremony of the first cohort of the Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS)’ Masters in Global Studies programme took place on Thursday at the Elily International Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia The event, which was the closing ceremony of a three-day celebration marking the 10th anniversary of the sistership between Addis Ababa

Joint Global Studies alumnus publishes a book

Tchioffo Kodjo, graduate of the joint Masters programme in Global Studies, has published a book critically assessing the conflict in Mali from 2012 to 2013. Entitled “Mali Conflict of 2012-2013: A Critical Assessment”, the book provides a three-dimensional analysis of the Mali conflict drivers as well as a deep assessment of the conflict resolution mechanisms

Interview with Sunday Okello, Lecturer at IPSS

What is your impression of the programme? The programme is a well thought out academic programme that broadens the scope of academic work on peace and security from African and global perspectives. The key advantage behind this programme is its nexus between the two disciplines. The programme assesses different theories such as globalisation and regionalism,

Interview with Gilad Ben-Nun, Lecturer at Leipzig University

Which courses do you teach in the IPSS-Leipzig programme? I have been teaching different seminars for the past three years. I started with a seminar on settler-based conflicts in a comparative perspective covering Northern Ireland, Israel & Palestine, South Africa, and France and Algeria. I also teach a class on “Transitional Justice as a Global

Against the Independence of the International Criminal Court

Dr. Gilad Ben-Nun, Lecturer at Leipzig University; Hannahmariam Seyoum, consultant for organizations adjacent to the African Union, Addis Ababa In a recent article, JusticeInfo editorial advisor Pierre Hazan looked at the African assault on the International Criminal Court and what it means for the ICC’s legitimacy. Hazan concludes that despite its inherent and ongoing weaknesses,

Zekarias Sintayehu: Globalisation in the Making

Zekarias Sintayehu, one of the gradudates of the Masters in Global Studies programme at the Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS), explains why he chose the programme and his experience during his stay at the IPSS. He will join other eleven other students in a graduation ceremony at the Elily International Hotel  today (February