Outsourcing Peace and Security: A Dilemma for Africa

Policy Brief

As long as key African governments continue to perceive that their interests lie in outsourcing their security to non-African powers, then they will not succeed in establishing an indigenous capacity to ensure their own continental peace and security. Concrete action to ensure that Africa’s capacity to advance and promote its own processes and systems, requires first and foremost that the African Union Peace and Security Department (PSD) be properly staffed and capacitated. The 1994 genocide in Rwanda historically revealed the perils of outsourcing Africa’s peace and security to the United Nations system. There is now a realization that the UN collective system is a victim to geo-political control by the Permanent Five (P5) members of the Security Council. Consequently, it is time to consider dismantling the UN Security Council and replacing it with a new platform which will restore decision-making functions to African countries so that they can actively participate, and by extension own, the processes and systems for ensuring the peace and security of their continent.

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