Policy Dialogues

Policy Dialogues

Policy Dialogues is part of the African Peace and Security Programme (APSP), a joint collaboration between the IPSS, the African Union (AU) and GIZ. It is a platform for African leaders, stakeholders and thought leaders to collaboratively engage in exploring and exchanging ideas on African-led solutions to security challenges. It aims to contribute towards enhancing the capacity of the Peace and Security Unit (PSD) of the AU. As an institution mandated by the African Union (AU) to define, find and discuss African Solutions in Peace and Security, it convenes various types of platforms on current or emerging peace and security issues in Africa including briefing sessions, lecture series and indaba session.

Briefing Session

IPSS briefing sessions intend to draw attention to current or emerging peace and security issues and thus deepen the policymakers’ understanding of peace and security in Africa. It also aims to support the “intellectual challenge” to find African-led solutions to peace and security issues on the continent. Furthermore, the briefing sessions encourage policymakers to implement agreed-upon policies in their respective countries or regions (“from policy to practice”.)

Lecture Series

The lecture series aim to raise awareness to the academic community, especially students on relevant peace and security issues of Africa.

Book Lecture Series

The objective of this is to call attention to the most recent and highly relevant publications dealing with specific peace and security issues in Africa and to foster academic debate and exchanges of ideas amongst the peace and security community in Addis Ababa, such as an increased interest of the academia to write and publish quality academic works on the presented topic and/or an increased interest from practitioners to support such research as well as projects.

Report Lecture Series

This aims to call attention to the most recent and highly relevant reports (not solely related to peace and security) published by international and/or regional organisations. Moreover, it aims to highlight the report’s relevance to and the potential impact on peace and security in Africa and/or establish a link between non-classical peace and security issues and peace and security in Africa. In addition, it tries to foster a debate and exchange amongst the peace and security community.

Indaba Sessions

The expression of Indaba comes from the South African language Zulu and indicates an informal gathering of indigenous people to address a matter of concern or for discussion.  An IPSS Indaba is an emerging approach from an external organisation to IPSS to host a proposed event.  Indaba session format is not set in stone and depends on the occasion and speaker, but is not a panel discussion. The main objective is to use the presence of interesting personalities and/or occasions in Addis Ababa as an opportunity to provide them a platform on which they can present their work that is related to IPSS’ working field to an adequate audience. As a Pan-African think tank,